“Having Angela as a coach has been absolutely transformative in my ability to narrow down my goals into focused, obtainable milestones in my life. From day one, she helped me open my mind to my own superpowers, tackle my obstacles head on, and provide novel insight to my current path. Her capacity to sift out your whirlpool of thoughts and provide precise, constructive insight has been inestimable to push me past my own limitations. Every session has been incredibly invaluable as I take all that we’ve discussed and applied it to my life.  This experience has provided me with the tools I need to focus on my goals in a clear-cut, digestible fashion that optimizes my opportunities as they arise. Working with Angela has not only been a crucial part of my growing success, but a pleasure above all else. Thank you for everything Angela!”

Deanna Clemmer, Senior Research Support Specialist, SUNY-Upstate Medical University

“The strategies that Angie taught me during my coaching sessions have helped me to rediscover my purpose by seeing the value in my daily achievements. I am now capable of setting goals and proposing ideas that will help me to achieve whatever I set my mind to. I thought that I could never be accepted into a graduate school in Mexico, where I am originally from. However, thanks to the strategies I learned during my coaching sessions, my confidence has increased. I was able to believe that I had the credentials to apply to graduate programs not only in Mexico but also graduate programs in the United States, where I am currently studying for a master’s degree with a full fellowship at one of the best universities in the country. I now believe that we will only be able to overcome the obstacles that come our way if we shape our thoughts in a way that facilitates our learning. The sessions with Angie were that boost I needed to build confidence with strategic decisions and practical actions to achieve all of my goals.” 

Lucia Can Alvarez, Master’s candidate, UW-Madison

“Angela has provided fundamental guidance in the finalization of my master’s these and internship projects. I contacted Angela because I was overwhelmed by the combination of my master’s dissertation and job, and I needed to structure my professional and academic life better. Her skillful coaching made me trust my strengths and overcome a previous lack of confidence that was impeding me from developing the whole extent of my potential. Moreover, she provided me with a meaningful direction and created a much-needed schedule that made my time manageable even with the multiple tasks I had. Finally, with her exercises and advice during coaching, we discovered my key values at work and the areas of opportunity that I needed to prioritize, and she made all these processes fun and exciting!

 I recommend 100% Angela’s coaching to people that want to learn more about themselves and their career ambitions and to people who live with lots of projects and goals and do not know where to start.”

Guillermo Ricalde, MA candidate (European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations)

“I have been working with Angie for the past 7 months and she has been extremely professional and pleasant to work with. She was a life saver for my career and her career coaching services have exceeded my expectations. I was once a worried, scared, and stressed PhD graduate student looking to move forward in my career as an undergraduate Biology Professor. Angie stepped in as my professional guide to help me make sound decisions in applying for PUI posiions as an Assistant/Associate Professor of Biology. I will never forget the knowledge and tools passed on to me from Angie. She is extremely knowledgeable in post-graduate teaching careers, and her patience and kindnes were a plus.” 

Kandace Thomas, PhD candidate, UNC-Chapel Hill