Six Weeks to Self-Renewal

A group coaching program for mothers who face unique caregiving challenges in their day-to-day lives.
Group Coaching image

Is much of your time consumed with caring for others, leaving little time for you to focus on personal growth?

Then you are invited to join with other mothers in our unique, supportive community designed to provide space for you as you focus on your goal(s) and life purpose. During our six weekly sessions, we will work together to

  • Explore your core values
  • Determine how you can live your core values with intention
  • Nurture your superpowers (trust me, you DO have them!)
  • Examine areas of life where you have a fixed mindset (and determine how you might apply a growth mindset)
  • Identify goal(s) and write a personal mission statement
  • Establish “next steps” and a system of accountability with yourself and others for achieving your goal(s).

This weekly program will be offered free of charge and will meet on Zoom starting the week of March 1, 2021. Please contact Dr. Angela Bauer ( for more information or to sign up for the Friday evening class (offered at 8 pm EST).