Hello and Welcome!

If you’ve landed on this website, chances are that you’re looking  for some support  as you navigate professional challenges, define your priorities, establish a game plan to achieve your personal or professional goals, or simply live a life that is more aligned with your values.

Angie Bauer, Coach and Consultant

As a professional coach, scientist, higher education leader and woman who has  achieved a reasonable level of work-life balance while raising children, I can help! My personal and professional backgrounds afford me a well-developed sense of the challenges you may be facing, and my track record of mentoring and empowering women demonstrates my commitment to your personal success.

I offer services that include 1:1 coaching or group coaching. Rest assured that the coaching approaches I employ to help you gain traction and achieve your goals are based on “best practices” as defined in the coaching literature. This commitment to evidence-based practices reflects my scientific training:  just as I use data to inform my decisions as a scientist, I also use data to inform my approaches to coaching. This ensures that the strategies used during our sessions together will have maximal impact within your life.

I provide coaching services to individuals from a variety of walks of life, although many of my clients work within higher education.

My coaching is helpful to those who:

  • Aspire to leadership positions and wish  to chart a path to achieve their goals
  • Desire greater work-life balance
  • Feel stale or stuck in their professional life
  • Seek to build reasonable schedules for writing projects, grant proposals, and/or managing a family
  • Are experiencing a transition (e.g., career change), and seek clarity for their next steps
  • Face  unique caregiving challenges in their personal life and seek self-renewal
  • Wish to establish personal routines in the areas of nutrition and fitness for greater overall well-being.

I also provide specialized coaching and consulting for academics in the areas of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), inclusive classroom practices, women in STEM, and career path discernment.

Interested in learning more about whether you might benefit from coaching? I am happy to talk more! Please contact me at angelachristinebauer@gmail.com for a free 30 minute consultation.